Barcode scanner buying guide for hospitality and healthcare

Barcode scanner buying guide for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has also joined the bandwagon of industries where barcode scanners are considered one of the most important tools. If you are a player in this industry, you may want a barcode scanner to make your job easier, especially for monitoring access to your building or checking badges of the attendees at a conference. That will make managing your business and events easier.

If you do, you should consider these factors to guide you when looking for the most appropriate barcode scanning system for your hospitality business:

  1. Portability

A dedicated scanner for the hospitality industry shouldn’t be bulky and heavy. It should be portable and lightweight to make it easier for you to use. The scanner should be so compact that you can easily move it around your building without worrying yourself about its weight.

Most of the barcode scanners that are currently made for the hospitality industry can easily be moved about without issues. Some models are so portable that you can hang them across your neck. So, consider that and make the wise choice.

  1. Durability

You can’t overlook the importance of durability when shopping for a scanning system for your hospitality business. Due to the huge amount of barcode you must read and the long duration of reading those barcodes, especially if you offer a 24/7 services, it is imperative that you find a durable barcode scanner that can withstand long hours of work without breaking down midway.

More so, a barcode scanner can accidentally drop while in use. That’s a fact that cannot be ignored. How does the potential scanner you want to purchase handle such accidental falls? Can it withstand it? Or will it breakdown completely after a fall? These and other related questions are the questions you must ask when shopping for a durable barcode scanner.

  1. Heat and spill resistant

In the hospitality business, spills are a common occurrence. If your scanner is exposed to excessive spillage, that may have a negative impact on the scanner. The same goes for heat too. Excessive heat may also damage the scanner and cut short its lifespan. Either way, it will cost you more to replace the scanner. However, if you already purchase a scanner that is both spill and heat resistance, you are assured of its long span. Regardless of the degree of heat and the amount of spillage it is exposed to, it will be resistant enough to minimize the impact of such on its lifespan.

  1. Connectivity

You still have to consider this important factor too. Since there are wireless and cordless barcode scanners, you must make a choice and determine the type of barcode scanner you need from the two.

A cordless barcode scanner has its advantages. For instance, it is more expensive than the corded scanner but is nevertheless very efficient too. On the other hand, the corded scanner has been around for years and is obviously less expensive than the cordless.

However, both of them are good barcode scanning system and your choice should be based on your preference and financial power.

  1. The scanning distance

This is another must-consider factor if you really want to get the best out of the scanner. Some applications require that you hold the barcode scanner just a couple of inches away from the object to be scanned while some that is not sufficient in some applications. Therefore, understand the scanning distance you want to cover and get something that is appropriate for that. Go for the right distance so that you won’t waste your money on the more expensive long-distance scanners while a short-distance scanner that is less expensive is all that you need. That way, you avoid clustering your office with needless cords and equally reduce your cost of acquiring a scanning system.

  1. Scanning speed

If your business enjoys a good flow of traffic, that implies that you have a huge volume of scanning to do. It will be out of point to expect your customers to be in a long queue throughout the day if you have a scanner that isn’t fast enough to get the job done quickly.

In that case, you need a scanner that will be fast and accurate. The goal is to meet up with your customers’ demands without wasting too much time doing that. A fast scanner will be useful in that condition.

So, as a major stakeholder in the hospitality industry, you can boost your efficiency of your business and increase your reputation with the right scanner. Consider all these factors and you will get nothing but the very best.