Barcode scanner buying guide for transportation and logistics

Barcode scanner buying guide for the transportation industry

The transportation industry is growing at an alarming rate. The underground work behind transporting people, goods, and baggage from one place to another is complex. If you are a player in the industry and want to meet up with the growing demand and offer your consumers 100% accuracy, you need a functional and appropriate scanner.

If you are a transportation/logistics provider, you need a barcode scanner of the right specification to get your job done easily without hitches. Look at for these qualities to make your shopping for a barcode scanner easier:

  1. Can the barcode scanner read barcodes on bulky or large items?

This may seem like a no-brainer but the fact remains that you should overlook this factor if you rung a logistics/transportation business. This will help you decide whether a cordless scanner system or corded one is what you need for reading barcodes.

This is especially so if you have to read tons of items on a shipping pallet or other bulky items. In such a situation, a corded scanner may not be ideal and the cord may serve as an obstacle when trying to read barcodes from a height. On the other hand, a cordless scanner doesn’t have such a restriction and may turn out to be the ideal scanner for your business. Take that into consideration too.

  1. Software compatibility

The different variety of scanners in the market brings up compatibility issues. Some scanners can operate on popular platforms such as Android while some with built-in software. Some manufacturers allow users to develop custom applications according to their requirements. In a nutshell, it is important that you understand the software makeup of a scanner so that you won’t have a compatibility issue with the software you install on your computer or device. If you have this knowledge in advance, you will make the right choice and avoid this unpleasant compatibility issue.

  1. Scanner Networking

This is a factor of the application you have for your business. if you have an application that requires you use multiple barcode scanners for whatever reason, you need scanners that can handle a couple of barcode scanners simultaneously on just one base. As such, you will find it convenient to manage your devices effectively and read barcodes without wasting time.

  1. 4. Durability

No matter the other factors you put into consideration when choosing a scanner, you shouldn’t forget the importance of durability. You should consider having a scanner that will serve you can trust to be there for you whenever you need it. Ask yourself whether the scanner can pass the test of time or not.

Consider if it will be beneficial for you to buy a scanner that will break down after a few weeks of usage or a durable one that will give you a real value for your money. So, consider the lifespan of a scanner before purchasing it.

  1. Connection

Give this attention too.  You must also decide beforehand whether you need a scanner that you can connect directly to your PC or not. Since there are different options, considering that will help you make a wise decision.

Another connection issue you must consider is the cord issue. There are cordless and corded scanners. These two types are ideal scanners for different situations. Then, look at what will be ideal for your line of business and go for it.

In addition to the price issue (cordless barcode scanner are more expensive than their corded counterparts,) there is also the issue of convenience. If the cordless is ideal for your business, go for it without laying much emphasis on the price. On the other hand, if you will derive the best benefit from a corded barcode scanner, don’t hesitate to have it.

  1. Handheld or not

Barcode scanners come in two different sizes: handheld and table-top. When dealing with the handheld, you have a portable device that you can hold in your hand and do your job. There are also some scanners that cannot be held in hand but mounted on table tops before using them. So, you have to make a choice here. Do you want a scanner you can take around your industry for scanning? Or do you want something that will be permanently mounted on a table top? You have to decide on this too.

If you consider all these factors, you will ultimately purchase a barcode scanner that will be appropriate for your business and doesn’t pack up after a little use.